Easy Camp Hurricane 500 Inflatable Tunnel Tent (5 Person)

adminDecember 28, 2020

Even the Hurricane 500 inflatable tent welcomes five people within inflatable tube design, together with three air ducts within dual inners, making it well suited for couples and families seeking a dependable, versatile tent offering excellent affordability.

Easy Camp Hurricane 500 Inflatable Tunnel Tent

Comfortable Camp Hurricane 500 Tunnel Tent is an inflatable tent with a three-room structure with a high waterproof rating, multiple windows, doors, and a great affordable price. Find more details below.

Key Features

  • Inflatable beams instead of poles.
  • 3 Rooms.
  • 2 Doors.
  • Tunnel type tent.
  • Clear PVC windows.
  • Very affordable.
  • Large capacity
  • High waterproof rating
  • Two-way pump with manometer for fast inflation
  • Inflatable Tunnel Tent
  • 3000mm Hydrostatic

What is Hurricane 500 Inflatable tunnel tent?

Here you get a tunnel-shaped 3-room arrangement with a casing tent that includes a fully sewn-in and coated flooring and an inner tent with a removable divider (displayed in the graphic below).

Inner tent with two sleeping units

Hence the bedroom includes two components with an alternative size (you may notice a floorplan in the graphic below), and also every one of these will be by using its very own interior doorway.

The 3rd room is your family space, plus it has close to 5 square yards of space, and you’ve got used to it through two large doorways. There are three separate windows from the family area and the windows in the doors. Therefore that can be a pleasing space for the sitting.

Its important dimensions

Be aware you have a smart design at the entry points. A ground might be made apartment to prevent tripping and have comfortable access using a wheelchair, which is observable in the upper picture above. Short zippers accomplish that on the faces of your doors. If you unzip them, you’re able to produce the entry floor completely horizontal.

The picture shows a relatively tall tent using a status elevation for the majority of the users, even though the bedroom is significantly gloomier.

The Inflatable technology is present in the Easy Camp Hurricane 500 tent.

Pump included

The tent is without classic sticks; you’ve got three inflatable beams as an alternative, using different valves for each of them and a pump containing inside the package. Thus, one man can lift this tent readily in only a couple of minutes.

Because of those features, I’ve contained this tent within my list of inflatable tents. The maximum pressure in the tubes is nine psi (0.6 bar).

Though there’s a short fiberglass eyebrow pole 1-1-millimeter diameter over the door (see the picture above), it’s there to aid the tiny dilapidated that safeguards the door. This inclusion makes it separate in their Easy Camp Hurricane 500 Inflatable Tunnel Tent.

A separate valve for each air beams

Who can use this comfortable tent?

How many people can use this tent?

  • The announced capacity is six people, and also, the graphic below shows its measurements. The tent’s actual inner area is 116.3 ft² (10.8 m²), which means 23.2 ft² (2.1 m²) per person.
  • There is a lot of space, and also, in light of the fully sealed floor in the front room, there’s a location for more than two people because of the area. Hence that the tent may accommodate seven people if needed.
Dimensions of floor plan

Climate-wise & seasons-wise, the tent has a higher watertight score, vents on the casing, and entirely enclosed when needed. I can be a 3-season tent that’ll guard you out of elements. I found it better fitted to a cooler climate.

Weight-wise, having its 34.8 pounds (15.8 kg), that is a thick tent. However, this can be a camping tent, and also you aren’t assumed to take it anywhere.

Which material in the manufacturing of hurricane tent?

You’ve previously seen the specific situation with all the sticks; therefore, this is somewhat regarding the fabric. The casing is now 190T 100% polyester with PU coating with a 3000 mm hydrostatic head and a flame retardant material. The windows cloth is a great and very clear PVC.

The casing floor is 100 percent Poly Ethylene. Those usually do not offer the waterproof rating. However, this is generally with a somewhat higher evaluation. The inner tent can be a waterproof 100% polyester with a waterproof floor that’s precisely the same material during the groundsheet.

Polyethylene waterproof floor

Be aware that the shell floor expands underneath the inner tent, which usually means you have double flooring security from the bedroom.


Some Important Features

  • There’s a streak of mesh pockets in the inner tent’s walls.
  • Guy-out traces and bets have present in this package.
  • E-cable interface is obtainable.

Easy Camp Hurricane 500 Inflatable Tunnel Tent vs. other inflatable tents.

You may desire to view how this five-person tent compares using just two Vango tents, which can be with the same announced capacity and inflatable.

Since you recognize it, it includes less space even though it’s a cozy tent-like I mentioned previously. It’s also relatively heavy compared with its competitors, particularly regarding Vango Odyssey 500. However, its price is without a game.


  • Affordable Price
  • Easy to setup
  • Very functional
  • High waterproof rating
  • Large Capacity
  • Best for three seasons use


  • Bulky & Heavy
  • No mesh on outer doors
  • No description on amazon


  • Tent type: Three-room tunnel tent 
  • Sleep: 5 people declared
  • Flysheet: 190T 100% polyester PU coated, Fire Retardant
  • Hydrostatic Head: 3000mm
  • Pitching way: Flysheet first or as one.
  • Inner Tent: Breathable 100% Polyester
  • Floor: 100% polyethylene
  • Groundsheet: Sewn-in groundsheet
  • Poles: Air tubes (max pressure = 9 psi/0.6 bar) and 11mm fiberglass 
  • Pack size: 75 x 41cm
  • Weight: 15.8kg


  • With this information, you’ve observed most of the top features with the Easy Camp Hurricane 500 Inflatable Tunnel Tent. You also recognize this is a very affordable tent for what it includes.
  • The waterproof rating is high. Therefore you’ll soon be protected in virtually any situation at a 3-season use.
  • The air-beam technology you have here’s now more and famous, but such tents are available in the industry for approximately a decade.
Easy Camp Hurricane 500

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