Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent Review

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The Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent inspection is all about a fantastic 3-room tent with inflatable beams in the place of classic sticks, convenient for 3-season household camping.

Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent
Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent

Basic information of Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent

Let’s start with the design, what exactly you need this is really a really typical tunnel-type tent. Nonetheless, it really is encouraged by three air beams rather than sticks and this really is why is it special. It’s not hard to use plus yet one individual will ensure it is ready in many minutes. Due to this design, I’ve included it in my own list of the most useful inflatable family tents.

Be aware that the tent isn’t freestanding, which means you’ve got to bet it down precisely. You certainly can certainly do so until Squeeze the beams, or you are able to bet 1 end first, sew the beams after which disperse the jar just like an accordion, and complete the indent then.

How many rooms does it have?

The picture below shows a floorplan and also the main measurements. Thus officially, this can be actually a 3-room tent, however, there’s more about the.

Rooms & Floor Plan
Rooms & Floor Plan

The shell tent contains the inner tent. You will get two sleeping rooms. These rooms have a removable dividers between them which make them separate. Each room has its own door. You can clear it from the picture which is given below.

The Inner View with Two Rooms
The Inner View with Two Rooms

You can easily use the front room as a living area. The point to note is that the inner tent can be detached so you can use the shell tent as a single room tent. Although, you can get brief information from the picture given below.

Inner Tent is removed
Inner Tent is removed

So, you can adjust it with your situation having 1, 2 or 3 rooms. But keep in mind that the inner tent will be there all the time and you can keep it there when you are about to pack the tent.

You can use such a design in a dry setup. This means that you can use the tent during rain and the inner area will remain protected in the whole process. This is because you can inflate the beams easily. If you have attached a separate fly to the tent so then you can’t do this.

What about doors & windows?

Totally, it has three external doors as follows:

  •             One on front
  •             Second on back
  •             Third on the side

The side door is Double Layer full size, meaning that you have a different whirlpool net and a different zippered panel. The back door features a mesh window to the top half, whereas the largest door is one-layer type using 2 parallel zippers.

There’s additionally one window on the other side, with the net with a zippered panel. You may view it from the picture above.


I already mentioned large mesh sections on the shell tent, but they have added vents as well, so you have 4 roof vents, two on the front and two on the rear side. Sleeping area doors are with a mosquito net in the upper part.

The inner tent is attached to the shell with toggles, so you have a gap of 10 cm between the two layers, and this is good enough to have air circulation through the tent. But there are no floor vents here, pity.

What about its ventilation?

As I already mentioned that the shell tent has large mesh sections. Besides this, they have added vents as well. So, you will have 4 roof tents as follows:

  •             Two on the front side
  •             Two on the rear side

The inner tent has been mounted on the casing with toggles, and that means you own a gap of 10 cm in between both layers, and also this is adequate to possess airflow through the tent. However, there aren’t any floor vents, shame.

As there are not any rods, this can be exactly in regards to the fabric. All seams are recorded. The exact substances are used here since inside their Ferrino Proxes 5 advanced level tent.


The inner tent can be a water repellent cushioned polyester. The inner tent floor can be 70D polyester, 80 grams / m², also it’s watertight to 2500 millimetres. Be aware that you have two floors while in the sleeping space, one above another, therefore security from parts may be improved.

The beams are independent inflatable elements.

The beam with its valve & included pump
The beam with its valve & included pump

Additional details

  •             Internal tent fastened into the flysheet with loops.
  •             Steel barrels are all comprised.
  •             Multi-point guy-line system to affix the tent.
  •             Enormous Supertex fabric sack.
  •             A manual air purifier is at the bundle and sees the film.

Who is it for?

How many people can use this inflatable tent?

Concerning the capability, this tent is for 4 people. However, this can be a massive tent, and that is the reason why I’ve added it to the collection of those exclusive 4-person tents which may accommodate over 4 people.

However, the family room is so large it may certainly accommodate two people longer. If mandatory, there’s a place for 6 people at this particular tent, now you recognize why it’s contained on the website.

Affecting seasons & climate, I don’t have any doubt this tent can safeguard you anywhere within a 3-season use. The watertight rating is good along with its particular atmosphere beams that cannot break therefore that the tent will probably do amazing if you utilize it at windy places.

Inflatable tent
Inflatable tent

Even when it stinks because of wind pressure, it’s going to instantaneously bounce straight back when the pressure drops. Ventilation is quite good, and that means that you are able to utilize it in virtually any climate. It could be shut whenever you’re feeling cold.

What is the weight of the Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent?

Concerning the weight to get a 4-person tent its 28.66 pounds (13 kg) of weight appears very awful, but see its floor space and its own size, that really is a massive tent and also the burden is warranted.

In closing phase
In the closing phase


  1.             Weight: 28.66 pounds (13 kg).
  2.             Dimensions: 13.78 x 8.53 feet (420 x 260 cm).
  3.             Complete inner region: 117.5 feet ² (10.9 m²).
  4.             Place each man: 29.37 feet ² (2.7 m²).
  5.             Peak height: 70.87 at (180 cm).
  6.             Packed size: 29.5 x 13.8 x 13.8 in (75 x 35 x 35 cm).

Key Features

  •             4 places
  •             Fabric:
  •             Fly-sheet Polyester Diamond 70D 75 grams / M 2 coated with a thermally insulating material, aluminized polyurethane, watertight to 2000 mm., Water Repellent
  •             Interior Water Repellent and breathable polyester
  •             Fully-welded watertight polyethene flysheet flooring

Conclusion of The Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent 

From the overview with the Ferrino Flow 4 Family Tent inspection, I want to stress that is a trusted tent with complete security within a 3-season use. They utilize advanced level air-beam technology and that is why is it an extremely particular tent. The company of space is equally exemplary, and also you own it significantly more than you will need for 4 people. The new behind the particular tent has an extensive history, they’ve been at the work to build tents out of the 19thcentury. Fully suggested.

Be aware that the brand includes just one more inflatable bigger tent, the Ferrino Ready Steady 5 Inflating Family Tent, you may desire to understand that if the tent described previously is perhaps not large enough for one personally.


  •             Well organized.
  •             Calibre substances.
  •             Full coverage.
  •             Awesome Experience
  •             Tall tent.


  •             Heavy.
  •             Bulky if packed.
  •             High Priced.
Ferrino Flow 4 Family Inflatable tent

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