Outwell Cedarville 5A Air 5 Man Tunnel Tent

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Outwell Cedarville 5A Air 5 Man Tunnel Tent can be a big and tall 3-room arrangement with an excellent waterproof evaluation, substantial ceilings, and inflatable beams rather than sticks.

Key Features

  • Tunnel type tent.
  • Inflatable beams.
  • 5 Person Capacity
  • 3 Rooms.
  • Huge waterproof rating.
  • Solid windows.
  • E-cable ports.
Outwell Cedarville 5A Air 5 Man Tunnel Tent Green

Outwell Cedarville 5A Air 5 Man Tunnel Tent Green

Necessary Information about Cedarville 5A Air 5 Man Tent

Out-well brand is well known because of the large family camp tents. It is an EU-based brand, and also, the outfits that they build have the customary design average with this particular marketplace. What this means is multiple chambers, a lot of volume and space indoors, etc.

Here you own a tent with a tiny established capacity; however, this is a massive tent without less than three distinct chambers. The floor plan below reveals what you’ve got:

Floor Plan and Dimensions

Floor Plan and Dimensions

It means you’ve got an inner tent inside the shell tent. Also, here could be the bedroom with a black fabric on the ceiling. There’s a removable divider (the dashed line from the image above); therefore, it’s possible to use one sleeping room or two chambers using different floor places.

One large Livingroom is at the front of the inner tent, which could be the light-grey area in front.

As a consequence of those features, I’ve included them in my list of most useful tents. However, you need to use it without the inner tent and also possess just one massive space. To put it differently, you may have two, two, three or four chambers. The picture below shows the inner resting place.

You’ve got two different internal doors; however, you can sew them nearly entirely and save them at a passionate pocket to the ground.

Inner view of the Cedarville 5A Air 5 Man Tunnel Tent

Inner view of the Cedarville 5A Air 5 Man Tunnel Tent

Point to note

Be aware that the entire shell tent space is floored, and the ground is sewn-in and sealed. The inner tent also includes its very own additional floor. Therefore within this field, you got two floors above. As standard for tents with the type, that can be just a hybrid single/double coating arrangement at which the inner tent can be an actual Double Layer zone, whereas the Livingroom is beneath the shell.

But in the Livingroom, all of the doors and windows are double-sided coating plus, so they pay the larger portion of their family area. Now you own a massive door that you can unzip completely. It is with mesh and also together with panels. The image below shows a few measurements, and since you find that the crate is very tall, with A210 cm outside height elevation.

Dimensions of Cedarville 5A Air 5 Man Tent

Dimensions of Cedarville 5A Air 5 Man Tent

The tent isn’t freestanding; however, this is so with tunnel-type tents, and that means you’ve got to bet it down precisely. All bets required because of that are contained.

Pegs and Stakes which are included in the package

Pegs and Stakes which are included in the package


The Beams

This is an air-beam tent, and that means you’ve got three inflatable beams in the place of classic sticks. Though there’s a short fibreglass brim rod 8.5 millimetres from the diameter over the entranceway, a beneficial detail produces a dry entrance.

Every one of the beams Blend separately, plus one individual can certainly do this job.

The cloth

The casing is exactly what they predict that the Outtex 4000 Selectthey uses it into their other tents and watch this out-well Chatham 4 Individual Air Tent as an illustration. They assert it’s hard-wearing and fire retardant, including a PU coating which gives it a more 4000 mm waterproof rating.

The inner tent can be waterproof 100% polyester, and a floor will be double-coated waterproof 100%, which means you’re protected from the groundwater. There are numerous substantial reliable and slightly hidden windows at the family room location.

Other Functions include:

  • E-cable vents on the outside shell and the inner tent, so you also can see them in the picture with a ground plan previously.
  • A sizable wall planner is to the inner cage wall, together with lots of tiny components for storage.
  • It is best for adjustable pegging tips for fostering flexibility.
  • Valves are dependable and easy-to-operate. They’re put away from the flysheet.
  • The back ventilation program.
  • Out-well Floating guy line System with only luminous guy lines which join two top guy-lines into the pegs.
  • Outwell Lite Pegging system, which implies colour coding, ensures that the correct weld is rapidly located and found in the appropriate position. This means grey vinyl in the cane’s corners, fuzzy plastic for those guy-lines metal pins to get overall pegging. They truly are displayed in the picture above.

Who is this Out-well Cedarville 5A Air 5 Man Tunnel Tent for?

What about its area?

The tent is for five people. However, remember that you’ve got a place of 127.6 feet ² (11.85 m²), therefore thus giving 25.5 feet ² (2.37 m²) to each person. As stated previously, the family area is completely shielded and should mandatory here. You can have 23 people longer. This is all a very generous and lavish camping area.

In which season and climate it is suitable?

The tent is much ideal for your warmer weather and subtropical surroundings. As previously mentioned, that is an EU brand. However, you have mesh and vents areas. The inner tent has been split out of the casing. Therefore, there’s a massive gap in airflow.

This Hanging Point process is very similar to what they will have within their tents. It’s dependent upon toggles and loops, therefore that the inner tent attaches into the casing.

Be aware that you’ve got double-paned on the outside doorway, which allows for the complete front entrance. In the rain, you get the entire net as a third coating on the front door for insect-free venting. There’s very little you can object to.

Lots of guy-lines have been from the package to ensure the tent precisely. Be aware that air beams may not break, they can bend, but they rebound straight back when breeze pressure drops. This means this tent could withstand a great deal of stress.

So far as I know, the tent is made for breeze induce 9. But do not utilize it in the region where you might get snow; air beams can fall under constant vertical tension.

What about its weight and packed size?

The tent is both thick and tight. You are going to observe the amounts below. This can be an automobile camping tent, so you’ll instead not take it anywhere.


Closure TypeZipper
Occupancy5 Person
Item Weight16.9 Kilograms
SeasonsAutumn, Summer, Spring


You’ve observed this out-well Cedarville 5A Air 5 Man Tunnel Tent will accommodate more people compared to what its official capacity lets you know. The design and materials are those that you’ve got full protection against elements within a 3-season use.

The tent is more ventilated, and also, the substances are somewhat darkened in the bedroom to decrease warmth which means that you may sleep more. Of course, when you camp with children that they may additionally have a rest during the afternoon. As a result of its air beams, anyone can undoubtedly place up this tent.

Here you can view how I speed that particular tent. The exact Exact standards are employed for them you can easily compare.


  • Numerous chambers.
  • Total coverage.
  • Solid windows.
  • Huge doors.
  • Ventilated.


  • Heavy.
  • High Priced.
  • Bulky.

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