Vango Airbeam Portland Tent 500 Review

adminFebruary 22, 2021

The Vango Airbeam Portland Tent 500 Review is approximately a 2-room tent for 3-season and household camping, together with windows that are solid, a massive waterproof evaluation, and inflatable beams in place of strong sticks.

Vango Airbeam Portland Tent 500

Vango Airbeam Portland Tent 500

What all about is  Vango Airbeam Portland Tent 500?

Here you’ve got an inflatable tent. If you aren’t acquainted with this particular tech, this usually means that you’ve got air beams in the place of strong sticks. Vango being new is just one of those earliest that started this tech nearly ten years past. Additionally, there are more stalls with this kind of air beams. Here on the website, there are lots of tents related to such technology. A manual air pump is also included.

Vango Airbeam Portland Tent

Vango Airbeam Portland Tent’s Air Pump

Key Features

  • Air Beams.
  • Two rooms.
  • Tremendous waterproof score.
  • Lights-out layout.
  • Air pump included.
  • Handled zipped carry

Epsom Green Sized 500 is a tunnel-type tent. The three beams support it, but it isn’t freestanding. At least the rear and rear sides need to be emptied. However, it would be best if you staked down it precisely on all the sides, stakes and guy lines are contained. It’s added into some set of most good inflatable tents.

They will have what they call the TBS II system, a design with straps that attach to either side and onto the ceiling of their casing. Check the image below. The main reason is to give additional lateral equilibrium when it comes to winds.

Vango Airbeam Portland Tent 500

Tension Band For Maximum stability

The plan is optimized and found in lots of tents with the brand. After the elements remain stable, you’ll be able to detach the straps. Then you may observe the buckles from the picture.

Vango Airbeam Portland Tent is 2-room by the plan, start to see the graphic below, and that means you’ve got a big Livingroom and a tent over the shell tent where you might have the dining area for five people. It explains 500 from the name of this tent, which can be the notation they utilize. This inner tent is more observable in the graphic above.

Vango Airbeam Portland Tent, Epsom Green, Size 500


Be aware that ground at the family area isn’t sewn in and sealed, so it’s linked-in as an alternative. You might have toggles that maintain it set up. That is both positive and negative.

The great news is that one may roll it into both sides and utilize its family area for the camping seats and cooking without even believing in damaging the ground. The stark reality is that you don’t have any complete protection against crawling pests in the family area.

The tent is relatively tall, so you have got a stand-up elevation at the family area having 72.8 inches (185 cm).

The windows & doors

There’s only one large door on a side and two interior doorways in the inner tent. Be aware that the two of those windows are both robust and translucent. It may come right if you camp in a more relaxed environment.


The tent is currently without a net on the casing; therefore, it’s entirely enclosed with reliable windows. This is the reason you must count upon its ports; you still ask them to on either narrow sides of the tent. The inner tent is dispersed from the casing. Therefore this gap is set to permit cross-flow also to fight corrosion.

One additional advantage of those above linked in the floor is that you have any drafts from underneath, and also, this is why the tent doesn’t demand floor vents. Thus Overall, venting is pretty great within this enclosed tent arrangement.

Material in Vango Airbeam Portland Tent 500

The casing is a buckle using a 3000-millimeter HH rating. Therefore, that is significantly more than that you could ever require. It is a fire-retardant material plus, so they assert it matches ISO 5912 standards. The seams are recorded. They are claiming that tent comes with UV protection with UPF 30+ factor.

The inner tent has its sewn-in floor, and also its canopy is a cushioned polyester. There’s a net region that fits with the back roof port. It usually does not offer info regarding the ground, but it is a lasting and fully watertight cloth.

Additionally, the inner tent is precisely the same as what they predict a lights-out design, which also implies warmth is reduced because of the dark coloration and delicate feel.

For who this Vango Airbeam 500 Tent is?

Concerning the region, you get an entire distance of 130 feet ² (12.1 m²). It is consists of 6.3 square feet in the dining area and 5.8 square meters in the family area. It can be a great distance, and also, the state capacity is more realistic. I’ve included it in my listing of the most useful inflatable tent.

Constituting weather & seasons, I visit it as a more 3-season-plus tent, convenient for a warmer climate and to get areas with a great deal of rain compared to a friendly atmosphere. As a result of its atmosphere beams, that is maybe not for places where you’d expect plenty of snow residue onto the roofing.

Such air beams are an excellent alternative in a mountainous region because they could not break. The tent can bend; however, it restores its contour immediately whenever the pressure falls.

Concerning the body weight, having 28.4 pounds (12.9 kg) of weight can be a significant arrangement. In general, this is a tent to get places using car access.


  • Brand: Vango.
  • Colour: Vivid Grey.
  • Weight: 28.4 pounds (12.9 kg).
  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 10.17 feet (445 x 3-10 cm).
  • Complete inner region: 130 feet ² (12.1 m²).
  • Area per person: 26 feet ² (2.42 m²)
  • Maximum height: 72.8 in (185 cm).
  • Packed size: 29.5 x 13 x 1 3 in (75 x 33 x 33 cm).


From the overview with the Vango Airbeam Portland Tent 500 inspection, I’d mention again that it is simple to use the tent. One person can pitch it under 10 minutes, so the waterproof rating is excellent, and you’ve got full protection against all weather. However, I do have a few objections outlined below in Cons.

Effortless to useHeavy
A Lot of spaceBulky
Tremendous waterproof scorePerhaps not sewn-in family room flooring
Two rooms




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